Sismai Roman Vazquez

Welcome to the official website of Sismai Roman Vazquez. Since graduating from FIU, Sismai Roman Vazquez has become renowned for her ability to turn a group of struggling sales representatives into a thriving business development team. This website will offer Sismai Roman Vazquez the opportunity to share some of her advice and insights that can help any sales rep improve their customer service and closing percentage.

Sismai Roman Vazquez is a firm believer in planning. Whether you’re taking on the role of sole salesperson for your own startup or are joining a team of experienced sales professionals, you need to strategize accordingly. Having a clear plan of attack to acquire clients who will benefit from your product or service will do the job much easier. Preparation sets the groundwork for a relationship with a client throughout the sales cycle. Successful business development teams develop a strategy for referrals and consider how they can reengage with a client down the road.

Sismai Roman Vazquez has learned from experience that many startups need assistance in setting up a sales process that works for their industry. Business development should not be a cookie-cutter practice. Testing should be encouraged. Sismai Roman Vazquez helps business development teams highlight the information they should be evaluating to craft a winning sales pitch. For instance, how does the product or service add value to a prospect’s day-to-day? The quicker a prospect understands how the product or service makes their life easier, the higher the likelihood of the deal closing.

Sismai Roman Vazquez Solving Over Selling

A lot of underperforming sales representatives come on way too strong when trying to close a deal. While they may have the best intentions, a sales representative who pushes and pushes without taking the time to build any human connection will rarely succeed. Human connection can be achieved only via listening. Listening allows a sales pitch to evolve as the questions and insights provided can be tailored to the problem the prospect has presented. After a global pandemic, more sales are being accomplished virtually than ever before. Sismai Roman Vazquez reminds sales reps that it is vital to remember the human element. It’s not just a voice on the other end of the line; it’s a person with real problems who need to understand that the person they are speaking with comprehends those problems and can present a mutually beneficial solution for all parties.

A sales rep in a slump should be willing and excited to try new approaches. Everyone is different, and Sismai Roman Vazquez notes that sometimes you have to change your approach based on the individual. Sales reps must find ways to build value and find pain points they can assist with. Again, nothing is more important than listening. You get what you need when you listen as the prospect has a chance to share what is most important to them.

Sismai Roman Vazquez on Humility

Sales reps are typically confident people. It’s important to exude confidence and remain humble. For instance, no one should be above constructive criticism. Sismai Roman Vazquez will encourage business development teams to run mock pitches in front of the entire team. It can be uncomfortable to get feedback on ways that you could have presented an idea differently, but it can also be invaluable to your growth as a sales representative. Having a mindset that there’s always room for improvement is a mindset that will help a sales representative thrive year in and year out. Another form of humility comes from accepting what you do not know. Sales representatives often feel pressure to answer every question that a prospect has for them, but they won’t always know the correct answer. Prospects appreciate when a sales rep is honest and say they don’t know the answer, but they will circle back after asking an expert on their team.

Sismai Roman Vazquez hopes all who find this website are able to take away something that either helps them with their own career in sales or helps them better understand the sales process. Be sure to check back often for the latest news and insights from the Sismai Roman Vazquez blog.